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Power Electronic Capacitors

Power Electronic Capacitors

TIBCON PEC Capacitors | PEC Capacitors
Conforming to IEC- 61071 &   IEC- 61881

TIBCON PEC Capacitors are specialized capacitors that are specifically designed and engineered to be used in various power electronic system applications such as inverters, converters, motor drives, power supplies, and other power-intensive applications. These capacitors are designed to withstand high levels of electrical stress and offer excellent performance under extreme conditions.

TIBCON Power electronic capacitors are characterized by their high capacitance, high voltage rating, and ability to withstand high ripple currents and high frequency.

MPP Film capacitors are known for their high capacitance values, low losses, and high frequency response. They are used in applications such as DC link capacitors, snubber capacitors, and AC filtering.

TIBCON Power Electronic Capacitors are manufactured using the latest technology and are designed to meet the stringent quality standards. They are widely used in various industries such as railways, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and telecommunications.

Some of the key functions of power electronic capacitors include:

Energy storage: Power electronic capacitors are used to store energy and to provide a stable DC voltage level to the system.

Filtering: Power electronic capacitors are used to filter high-frequency ripple and reduce the output voltage ripple, thus improving the power quality and efficiency of the system.

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