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Fan & Motor Run Capacitors

TIBCON Fan & Motor Run Capacitors

TIBCON has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing capacitors for Fan applications. TIBCON Fan Capacitors are widely known for their reliability and consistent performance. They are the first choice of the best fan manufacturers in India and abroad. Over the years, TIBCON has continuously engineered and improved the capacitors to make them 100% reliable and long lasting. TIBCON capacitors ensure that the fan speed is maintained consistent throughout its life, thereby earning customer confidence through customer satisfaction. Our state of the art manufacturing line and stringent quality control systems ensure 100% reliability. We offer a wide range of Fan Capacitors including Dry Type, Oil Filled and Box Type Capacitors. All of the above are designed to have a minimum capacitance droppage and minimum failure rate. As a result, our capacitors are a part of the best brands of fans sold in India.

  • Unique Features
  • Downloads
  • Made with special technology metalized film that extends the life of the capacitors
  • Can operate with the same efficiency over a wide range of temperatures and humidity
  • Manufacturing process of the capacitor is tailor made to suit the requirements of the fans
  • Low internal power losses conserve energy
  • Non PCB Encapsulation
  • ECO Friendly
  • High Insulation Resistance